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Young people use smartphones ‘every other minute’ | News | Research

15-24 year olds use their mobile phones an average of 387 times throughout the day, compared with the adult average of 264 times.

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Sue Unerman, chief strategy officer at MediaCom says…“I expect that it will lead to the development of sophisticated use of second screen for advertisers. Every moment now is a point of sale and an opportunity to earn shares for a brand’s content or advertising if they deserve it.

“It will also gradually but profoundly change people’s expectations of communications from brands.”

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How Facebook is fuelling the growth of the super start-up

A Facebook executive tells the Telegraph how the social network’s digital ecosystem helps app developers build billion-dollar companies from their basements – and why those sky-high valuations are justified

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"Nobody connects the dots when they see Airbnb, Uber and Spotify that Facebook is behind each of these companies." says Julien Codorniou, director of platform partnerships at Facebook, on how the social network is fuelling the rise of the super start-up.

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Smartphones: the digital drug we’re all addicted to | Comment | Research

The breadth of roles smartphones now play in our lives means we’re highly dependent on them, yet research from UM London shows there’s also a fear of how we are managing the accompanying information overloading.

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Michael Brown states "Seven in 10 of us are concerned that smartphones are interrupting real-life conversations; six in 10 regret how much they’re distracting us from the real world; and six in 10 are worried about them permanently damaging the English language (no doubt through txt speak and emoji use)."


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