Strategic Insights

Bax Interaction uses the insights gained from specifically tailored market research and analysis to deliver strategic recommendations.

What does Bax Interaction deliver?

Strategic marketing recommendations based on analysis of research findings and a deep understanding of your organisations and its market or markets.

A ‘roadmap’ for you and your organisation

Recommendations for change will be delivered that demonstrate:

  • Foresight – What the likely outcomes of implementation are
  • Sense seeking – Deep understanding from highly tailored research, exploration and analysis. Answers to the key questions agreed in the initial brief
  • Behavioural insights – Into how people within your organisation and your markets should interact
  • Links – Clear linkages to the key research findings
  • How the strategic recommendations can be achieved successfully. This might include: ongoing guidance, specific training, people development, organisational and cultural change, specific marketing tactics and activities to employ and changes to processes and team structures.
  • Measurement – How the strategies can be measured and developed. Clear success factors and metrics to be applied.
  • Consideration of risk – What are the risks of implementing the recommendations and what are the risks of not doing so

Guidance and support over time

Bax Interaction will not walk away – unless that is your choice. Much time and effort is invested into the recommendations that you receive so there is a vested interest in your success. As a valued client, you will receive the guidance and support you need to make to turn the strategy into action and results. To this end, Steve Bax will follow up all recommendations with you over time to ensure that they are clear and to advise on where any need to be adjusted to meet any micro or macro environmental issues arising.

Here are some of the companies with whom we have worked to develop their marketing strategies.

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