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The perfect storm – Why you need research now – customers

A series of ten views - view 2, customers    Why you need to research your customers now – the customer view In the last article we highlighted the major shocks that organisations and individuals are facing from the continuing uncertainty and volatility in the current...

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The perfect storm – Why you need research now – employees

A series of ten views - view 1, employees    Everyone has their own take on the situation that organisations are facing at the moment. As an experienced researcher, I have always seen my role as being to reflect on the data before providing insights. It seems like...

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Know your remote audience!

Working from home – how to communicate effectively with your team – top tips Have you ever wondered why sometimes people don’t react to what you say in the way that you would expect them to? With the current advice being to work from home, if you can, many of us are...

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Bax Interaction and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Bax Interaction and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Along with many other companies in this field, we are working from home during this difficult time. If we can provide any help or advice on research, business strategy, team working, managing change, effective communication...

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LEADERS – What can you do to be more effective?

Invest time in discovering which of your personality traits can help you to succeed and those that could hinder you. We offer a completely confidential assessment. How it works: 1. We send you an invitation to complete a short questionnaire (typically 8 to 10 minutes)...

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https://youtu.be/DndIBmbCEkY Understanding your own capacity to lead as well as this in that of others can significantly add value to your organisation and its stakeholders. What is a leader? “A person who influences others because they willingly do what he or she...

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Emotional intelligence (EI) is very topical at the moment. It is often discussed as part of effective leadership but is equally important for interactions with all people at work. Understanding emotions can be very advantageous in helping you to realise your...

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  In today’s world of big data, AI, machine learning, sentiment analysis, analytics, metrics and more why do we need to bother to use questionnaires? The simple answer is that we still need primary research or information that is gathered for a specific purpose....

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Happy birthday GDPR

A year before the GDPR came into force we started training marketers and others on how to ensure compliance with the new regulation. A year on, we thought it would be a good time to discover where some of the companies that we trained are now. We asked five simple...

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