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Market Research

With over 33 years of market research experience, we are experts in delivering both qualitative and quantitative market research projects that provide powerful insights and strategic recommendations to enable organisations to grow and sustain a competitive advantage.

Steve Bax has authored books and articles on the subject and is a full member of the Market Research Society (MRS).

We provide the following market research services:

  • Qualitative– We specialise in conducting depth interviews (phone and face to face), focus groups (recruitment and moderation) and analysis.
  • Quantitative– We are highly experienced designers of offline and online questionnaires and offer hosting, real-time results and analysis
  • Secondary– We have considerable experience in conducting secondary research.  This includes: finding on and offline sources of data; collection and assessment of existing internal data (strategic marketing audits) and the necessary analysis.

Typical marketing research projects

Our typical projects include: CX (Customer Experience); UX (User experience); customer journey exploration; brand positioning; brand development; new market exploration; pricing research; product development and testing; promotion testing; website development; social media development and customer satisfaction.

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Marketing Research

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