In the new world of work, the high-performing organizations will be those who can continually transform from within. Start with leadership mindsets.

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A thought provoking article. Two elements are particularly notable: A quote from Tim Cook, CEO of Apple …: “We change every day. We changed every day when he (Steve Jobs) was here, and we’ve been changing every day since he’s not been here. But the core and the values in the core remain the same as they were in ’98, as they were in ’05, as they were in ’10. I don’t think the values should change. But everything else can change.” and within the article…


What we typically don’t consider however, is it’s not the overt messages that make or break us, it’s the covert ones, the ones we are not thinking about or aware of. Thus, most times when we find our teams and organizations resisting change, our answer as to why is staring right back at us in the mirror.


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