A third of shoppers (33%) worry they have made the wrong decision after buying a product according to consumer journey research by Newsworks.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.research-live.com

Clear evidence of post-purchase dissonance. Interesting research from Newsworks. Methodology is good too : The research project consisted of four stages:

Explore: A nine day experiment among eight newsbrand readers using wearable glasses to capture touch points at different stages of the consumer journey
Deep Dive: 11 filmed depths using a decision journey game-board to understand detailed interactions at all stages of a recent purchase
Consolidate: applying a Behavioural Economics filter to inform the quantitative stage
Expand: An online survey among 2,000 adults aged 18-65 who ever read newsbrands (90% of the total number for that audience), to quantify the role of media touchpoints along the stages of the journeys



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