Too many business schools have produced leaders that derailed badly. Obviously, asking our students to take some classes in business ethics is not good enough.


The fault-lines in management education are deep and may be invisible at first sight. Of course, management theory and practice can – in theory – work hand in hand. Unfortunately, all too often, academic studies are “lost before translation” – based on theoretical ideas that may be irrelevant to practice.




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A thought provoking piece by Manfred Kets De Vries scooped by Kenneth Mikkelsen. The article states "Perhaps it’s time business schools asked themselves, ‘Do we have a holistic approach to business education or are we merely training technocrats?". To teach leadership we need to consider both the theory and the application in the real world. Helping individuals to understand leadership styles and which are appropriate for them is important. Encouraging them to discover more about themselves matters too. There is an argument for testing emotional intelligence and providing coaching to address gaps also here. 


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