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iPhone sales decline for first time ever as Apple revenue falls

iPhone sales decline for first time ever as Apple revenue falls

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Sales of the iPhone, which accounts for two thirds of Apple’s revenue, fell for the first time since it was released nine years ago, down from 61 million a year ago to 51 million. Those of the iPad and Mac computers also declined, and quarterly profits were down by 23pc to $10.5bn.

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BE Bites: How to de-bias decision making | Opinion

Knowing that we are prone to making biased decisions doesn’t always help us to avoid doing so, says Crawford Hollingworth. But there are strategies to keep us on the straight and narrow.

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Great example of taking the outsider’s view. “… comes from Intel, the microprocessor company. In 1985, its core business was still based around its founding business, manufacturing memory chips, but it was struggling to compete with Japanese manufacturers. Andy Grove, who was then director of engineering (?and later became Intel’s chief executive and chairman?) notes “I looked out of the window at the Ferris wheel of the Great America amusement park revolving in the distance, then I turned back to Gordon [then the company’s chief executive] and I asked ‘If we got kicked out and the company brought in a new CEO, what do you think he would do?’ Gordon answered without hesitation: ‘He would get us out of memories [memory chips].’ I stared at him, numb, then said: ‘Why shouldn’t you and I walk out the door, come back and do it ourselves?’.””

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Digital adspend grows at fastest rate for seven years | IAB UK

UK digital adspend grew 16.4% in 2015 to over £8.6bn with the average home now owning 8.3 internet devices.

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The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) research indicates: 

 The 16.4% year-on-year rise in spend was the highest rate since 2008 (17.1%), as the number of internet-enabled devices per household increased 12% in a year to 8.3 per UK household. 

Mobile accounted for the vast majority (78%) of digital ad spend growth, increasing 60.3% year-on-year to £2.63bn – or 30.5% of all digital advertising.

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Evolving Leadership in the Digital Age

Today leaders face added complications of rapidly changing technology, virtual working teams separated by cultural and geographical boundaries, and the difficulties of making decisions when faced with an overload of information.


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Excellent blog scooped by Kenneth Mikkelsen. 

I like the quote: “Leadership has become a team sport”. 
The final paragraph is also worth highlighting here:
“Leadership success today has to do with the way people think, the way they feel, the way they behave in a responsible manner. This is more than charisma and it is not something that can be learned in three easy steps or over a single programme. Strong leadership requires continuous development. Clever people don’t necessarily become wise. But they can learn how to find ways to cope with stressful experiences by getting to know themselves. It’s always good to keep in mind that leaders are like wine. Some turn out great; others may turn into vinegar!”

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