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2015 Review: the most significant marketing research developments | Features | Research

As the end of the year approaches, it’s once again time to look back at the highs and lows of the last 12 months. This review article, the first in a series of five, unveils what market researchers consider to have been the most significant developments of the last year.

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Social media strategy called into question by new research | News | Research

UK — New research from the University of Oxford has revealed two popular social media practices thought to drive engagement have no effect at all.

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Research matters once again!

The research has found that "…two practices considered by industry experts to be important drivers of engagement — linking posts to holidays and including rich media elements such as images or videos — were found to have no effect at all."

“In general, it seems that much of what social media marketers do is either ineffective or, worse, backfires on them,” said Professor Stephen. “Marketers need to remember that on social media, brands tend to communicate mostly with consumers who are already relatively highly interested in them, because they have chosen to follow them. Accordingly, they can be offended by the impersonal tone of much advertising content and also by the notion that they are being ‘sold to’."

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Twitter Polls – a DIY challenger to market research? | Features | Research

Digital research agency Clicked has spent the last few weeks investigating the potential of Twitter’s latest feature – Twitter Polls. Neil Russell offers his verdict.

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The article suggests that these can be good for: "refining hypotheses, getting predictions, gauging reactions to trending news topics, generating brand buzz (by asking questions that are likely to be retweeted), determining behaviour (e.g. consumption of content) and how it changes throughout the day, driving traffic to websites to vote on design, investigating reactions to live events, and helping with brand direction." 

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Do you work for one of the 25 best companies in Britain?

Expedia tops the list but Google drops to number 8, while Transport for London makes the top 10 for its free employee travel perks

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Top 10 here:

1 Expedia
2 Hays plc
4 GE
5 Schuh Limited
6 Oxfam
7 ARM Holdings
8 Google
9 Unilever
10 London Underground


Some interesting ones in there. Keythemes are worth looking at.

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YouGov | Analysis: what went wrong with our GE15 polling and what will we do to improve?

An introduction to our full investigation into what went wrong with YouGov’s 2015 general election polling

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The introduction notes: "Our final poll had Labour and the Conservatives tied at 34% when in fact the Conservatives won with 37.7% of the vote, well ahead of Labour at 31.2% of the vote. This 3.7% understatement of the Conservative vote and 2.8% overstatement of the Labour vote makes an average error of 3.35% (which translates into a 6.7% error in estimating the lead). The other parties were essentially correct."

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