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What Really Shapes the Customer Experience

Word-of-mouth recommendations offer a critical way to measure and improve a company’s performance—and ultimately to boost growth.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.bcgperspectives.com

Interesting research by BCG on brand advocacy. Their research has "..found that four aspects of the customer experience have an impact on brand advocacy: value for money, customer service, product satisfaction, and emotional connection.". The Index is worth looking at. There are some surprises there especially in the retail area. There are similarities to the NPS in their approach. The difference being that they are asking the question on recommendation from a past rather than future perspective. Stimulating article on brand research and worth a read.

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John Lewis hails the rise of the mobile ‘master shopper’

Find out how technology is changing your shopping habits and lists and take our quiz

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Some fascinating insight into changing shopping habits here. The three visuals from John Lewis sources are worth studying. The importance of finding new ways of marketing measurement rears its head in the comment from Andy Street, managing director, who says that their click and collect strategy had " performed exactly as planned – some people are paying the charge (£2 for orders under £30) because they like the convenience, some are trading up to make bigger orders and some are saying that they won’t make that order now but we have no way of tracking if they make the purchase later on”.

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Lego and Paypal knock Pizza Hut and Nokia out of most valuable brands

The total value of Interbrand’s annual list of the 100 most valuable brands increased by 7pc compared to last year

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Top brands are Apple ($170.3bn), Google ($120.3bn) and Coca-Cola ($78.4bn). Jez Frampton, chief executive officer of Interbrand says “The brands that succeed in the coming age are tailored to individuals, and are designed to live in moments, even as they scale, try new things, and push boundaries – from the incredible rise of Facebook and Apple, brands whose very DNA is about user-centricity, to new entrants like Lego and Paypal.”

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