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Automation is core to a successful business, and to the market research industry in particular, says Toluna’s Frédéric-Charles Petit.

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Automation is very important for the research industry but we need to be careful to avoid the very real risks of losing sight of where value is added. Converting data to intelligence to insight is clearly a key area where researchers’ expertise adds significant value. I would question whether questionnaire design is a routine task however. To my mind, this remains a key area where research skills add value to the process and enable maximum insight to be delivered. 

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Britons are happier with their banks than they have been for years

chief executive Jo Causon.

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Online bank First Direct has the best customer service in the UK, customers say, ousting John Lewis from the top spot

"Overall we are seeing the move away from a transactional economy to a relationship economy, where customers expect dialogue, not monologue. The organisations that adjust to this new environment quickest are the ones we see providing the best levels of customer service achieving business success," Chief executive Jo Causon of the Institute of Customer Service said.

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