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Dear David Potts, here’s how to get Morrisons back on track – Telegraph

The Telegraph’s retail editor, Graham Ruddick, writes an open letter to new Morrisons chief executive David Potts on how he can turn the company around

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Here are some strategic marketing challenges for those that like them on a Friday. There is a real life marketing planning case study happening here. Some good suggestions are made for David Potts by Graham Ruddick in his letter. Some questions for all marketers are worth thinking about. What is Morrisons value proposition? What should it be? What should their positioning be? What are their core competences and how can they gain competitive advantage from them? How could they add value though innovation? What are the leadership, cultural and structural challenges they face in the period of change that will be inevitable ahead? Food for thought. 

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Brands ‘should encourage consumers to complain about marketing’ | News | Research

New research suggests that brands should make it easier for consumers to complain about their one-to-one marketing, in order to earn greater consumer trust and increase marketing effectiveness.

Source: www.research-live.com

Interesting to see the Anglian Group – Home Improvements company – involved in undertaking this research. The report can be downloaded from http://futurefoundation.net/complaints/


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Lego is world’s most powerful brand | News | Research

Lego has overtaken Ferrari to be crowned the world’s most powerful brand, coming top in brand valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance’s Brand Strength Index.

Source: www.research-live.com

Always interesting to see brand metrics tables. Apple achived the highest brand value every recorded. Twitter the fastest growing brand nearly tripling in brand value in a year. The full list link is worth looking at. 

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