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Basic Social Media Mistakes

Basic Social Media Mistakes

Steve Bax‘s insight:

Good article by Keith A. Quesenberry. His key tips for success include:

1. Use broad business goals to determine your social media objectives
2. Have a multichannel social media strategy and be selective
Content needs to solve a problem, deliver a timely message or make people smile! Use emotion where appropriate.
GDPR is coming!

GDPR is coming!

The GDPR is coming.

No grace period.

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GDPR is not Y2K

GDPR is not Y2K

A very good pre Christmas blog by Elizabeth Denham.

GDPR is not Y2K

Her key message for organisations is:

 “By now you should be putting key building blocks in place to ensure your organisation implements responsible data practices:
1. Organisational commitment – Preparation and compliance must be cross-organisational, starting with a commitment at board level. There needs to be a culture of transparency and accountability as to how you use personal data – recognising that the public has a right to know what’s happening with their information.
2. Understand the information you have – document what personal data you hold, where it came from and who you share it with. This will involve reviewing your contracts with third party processors to ensure they’re fit for GDPR.
3. Implement accountability measures – including appointing a data protection officer if necessary, considering lawful bases, reviewing privacy notices, designing and testing a data breach incident procedure that works for you and thinking about what new projects in the coming year could need a Data Protection Impact Assessment.
4. Ensure appropriate security – you’ll need continual rigour in identifying and taking appropriate steps to address security vulnerabilities and cyber risks
5. Train Staff – Staff are your best defence and greatest potential weakness – regular and refresher training is a must”