Have you ever read a news article which quoted a lot of big numbers, yet you weren’t really sure what they meant or how to visualise them? Crawford Hollingworth looks at how to add meaning to numbers.

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Crawford Hollingworth says “… there are clear implications for any type of communication, whether to customers and consumers, researchers to respondents, or colleague to colleague. 

 For example, think hard about whether a recipient will be able to interpret and find meaning in a number or statistic you are giving them and if not, think about possible anchors you can use to illustrate a number and test them on others. Then follow the number with the phrase “To put this into perspective…”. If we are quoting figures on some form of communication a client is floating, would it help its impact to give people anchors to aid impact and comprehension? Whatever the number, it’s always possible to make it more meaningful for someone.”

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