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What They Say

Whether it has been through a research project involving a survey or more personal involving patients and nurses for focus groups. Each has been executed to the highest levels of standard and professionalism. Steve is great to work with and really takes the subject matter and project on board and delivers the results and analysis that you require. This is why we wouldn’t use anyone else when it comes to research or anything else Bax can help with.”

Kerry Fearnley, Associate Product Manager, Healthcare

Marketing Research Services

We provide the following research services:-

  • Qualitative- We specialise in conducting depth interviews (phone and face to face), focus groups(recruitment and moderation) and analysis
  • Quantitative- paper based and online questionnaire design, hosting and analysis
  • Secondary- project specific andtailored marketing and competitor tracking services
  • Quantitative- paper based and online questionnaire design, hosting and analysis
  • Analysis services – Analysing data gathered from an organisation’s own research to provide more depth of insight to enable more robust decisions to be made
  • Training - provide in-house training to develop marketing research skills within your own organisation

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