A targeted new initiative from Bax Interaction to transform your marketing effectiveness

Tailored Qualitative Research Training Programme

We offer tailored, actionable training programmes in qualitative research to suit your organisation’s specific needs and to address:

G – Gaps in information about your marketplace. Discover what your customers and prospects really think.
A – Assumptions and attitudes. An easy mistake that we can all make is to assume that we know our market and how it works.
P – Perceptions. Explore how you are perceived by your market.
S – Skills development in-house. Develop competencies and create a sustainable, competitive advantage through effective interactions with customers and prospects.


Who are the training programmes aimed at?
Our programmes are of real benefit to all those who are interacting with customers or potential customers. It provides them with the knowledge and skills to gain the most insight from contacts involving sales, service, product development, trials, marketing feedback and more.

Previous programmes have been attended by; company directors, research and development personnel, marketers, customer service, sales, statisticians, product development specialists, engineers, project managers, designers and scientists.

How long do the programmes take to deliver?
Programmes can be tailored to fit the time you have available. They are typically between one and five days in duration.

What is the content?

The programmes are usually structured with a blended mix of theory and practical content (LINK).
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The practical aspects include providing attendees with the opportunity to conduct face to face and telephone based interviews which are filmed and audio recorded for learning purposes.

Programmes are completely tailored to your needs but content typically includes the following:

  • An overview of qualitative research
  • Theories and their relevance to the specific information needs of the organisation
  • Qualitative methods and how to select the right one(s)
  • How to design a research programme
  • Practical workshops on; face to face interviewing, telephone based interviewing and group discussion moderation
  • How to minimise biases and remain objective
  • Recruitment of respondents and sampling approaches
  • How to integrate qualitative and quantitative data
  • CAQDAS – Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software – practical workshop
  • Reporting and presenting

Who creates and delivers the programmes?
The programmes are created and delivered by Steve Bax from Bax Interaction. Steve is a highly experienced marketing research practitioner, analyst, trainer, lecturer, author, strategist and coach.

What will a tailored programme cost?
The cost is obviously higher than a, generic, off the shelf training course but very cost effective given the focus on your specific organisation’s and personnel needs.

What will the benefits be?

  • Better understanding of your organisation’s marketplace.
  • Enabling you to build more productive relationships with your customers.
  • Reducing potentially costly errors caused by incorrect assumptions about the market.
  • Reduced risk of ineffective matching of market needs.
  • Increased customer retention and loyalty improving Customer Lifetime Values.
  • Building core competences in the organisation.
  • Cost savings generated by having the skills in-house.
  • Improved return on marketing investment (ROMI).

To find out more about how a tailored training programme could directly benefit your organisation, contact us now.

To read more on qualitative research, download a recent article published in Cambridge Marketing Review.

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What They Say

“We were struggling to find a company that could fulfil our fairly niche training requirements, when we happily found Bax Interaction.

After only one phone call, they were able to put together a comprehensive brief in response to our blended learning program. The timelines were (very) tight as was our budget, but Bax Interaction delivered an exciting, engaging program covering both theory and practical whilst addressing the challenges of qualitative research in our complex, and highly regulated business.

All the participants gave excellent feedback and Steve provided good follow up and management of the program on our behalf. We found Bax Interaction to be capable, professional, pleasant and efficient training providers.

SPD Development Company Ltd.

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