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“We operate in a niche industry so obtaining relevant research of value is a challenge.  Steve’s research delivered tailored insight and recommendations, enabling us to focus our resources in areas where they produce maximum return for our efforts.”

James Gilbert, Managing Director, Pixel Power Limited

Bax Interaction Limited - Past, Present and Future

Why was Bax interaction established
The company was established in 2005 to provide a platform for its owner, Steve Bax, to develop a number of business ideas.

With Steve’s career history in the events and exhibitions marketing area, it seemed logical to create a new event in a marketplace that was close to his heart from a personal perspective.  The initial idea was to establish a new exhibition in the watersports sector. Following a period of extensive market research the decision was taken not to proceed with the launch.

As is often the case, exploring one avenue opens the doors to a number of others.  Out of this process, an online kite surfing game was developed and used to considerable effect in a viral marketing campaign for Flexifoil.

In parallel with exploring the exhibition opportunity, Steve returned to his roots and undertook a number of research and marketing projects on a consultancy basis.  He also returned to teaching at the Cambridge Marketing College after a break taken whilst running the UK’s leading food manufacturing exhibition.

Delivering marketing and research consultancy alongside teaching marketing, management and research skills made good sense as a business portfolio.  Although the balance between being a practitioner and a lecturer is not always an easy one, the value in being both a teacher and doer is not lost on students or clients.

Steve is passionate in everything that he does.  He has a strong belief in the value and potential value of organisations taking a market oriented approach.  His work ethic is centred on getting the best possible results.  This often means that he over delivers which is something that both students and clients alike value.

Steve’s approach to the workplace reflects his approach to his personal life.  A passion for extreme activities such as kite surfing, motorcycling, surfing, snowboarding, wake boarding, bungee jumping, power boating, sailing and wave sailing indicates Steve’s passion for focusing energies and exploring boundaries.  As a musician, Steve is a bass player in a local band, he understands the importance of being in tune, time and harmony with others.

This approach to life is taken into his approach to doing business. Striving for perfection, exploring new opportunities, working together, developing capabilities in others are all key for Steve.

This ethos has been paramount in the selection of the Bax Interaction team and the strategic partners that are involved with the business.

Steve will only work with those that share a similar work ethic and that he can trust implicitly to deliver the exacting standards that he demands.

Bax Interaction only works with partners that are the best in their field and have a clear understanding of what marketing is and how it is inextricably linked with successful organisations.

Bax Interaction  is able to deliver its promises to clients because of its personnel and its core strategic partners.

Marketing ethos
Bax Interaction operates in the same way as it advises its client to. It looks to match its core capabilities with the needs of its markets.
We tell our clients not to do ‘should do’ marketing and we don’t either. We look to do what works and to stop doing what doesn’t!
We don’t claim to be or want to be ‘Jacks of all trades’. We aim to be ‘masters’ of the 3 powerful elements that we bring to our clients.  Marketing Research, Strategy and Training.
The company’s roots are in Cambridge and we obviously serve the local business community.

However, the linkages to other geographies are also important and we have clients across the UK and provide online consultancy solutions to overseas organisations too.

Marketing present and future
As a regular lecturer on marketing, management and research, Steve has a unique view on where marketing is now and where it needs to be in the future. He comments:-

“The role of marketing is still misunderstood by many in the business world.  This is not their fault, it is the fault of the marketing community.  We do not clearly explain what marketing is,  where it fits into organisations and how it can deliver measurable success.

Wherever the function of marketing ‘sits’ within an organisation, and it may not even be given a named job title or department, its role is to provide a ‘bridge’ between an organisation’s chosen markets and its capabilities.  Those with marketing responsibility have a key part to play – they are the customers’ champion and the custodian of the organisation’s resources.  They need to ensure that there are benefits to both parties in the transactions between organisations and their customers.

Despite popular myth, marketing activities are measurable.  Marketing needs to have a positive impact on profitability, cash flow and the balance sheet.  Marketers in all their different guises need to understand the financial aspects of running organisations.  Marketing needs to be measured to avoid it being seen in a very narrow light.

Also, contrary to the perceptions of many outside of the marketing arena, marketing is not just about promotion. Marketers are not just ‘party planners’ as I have heard them referred to. Marketing cannot deliver an organisation’s core capabilities to its target marketplace unless the core elements of product or service design, pricing, delivery channels, people skills and resources and processes are all in place.” 


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