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Discovery Workshops - Chart your Customer Journey

Discover the moments of truth in the Customer Journey

  • Understand how to interact with your customers effectively
  • Develop marketing strategies to match your customers' needs
  • Improve your return on marketing investment

We deliver in-house workshops to help your personnel to document the customer experience from their perspective and to understan where and how your organisation can improve this in the future.

What is the customer journey?
The different stages that the customer experiences from the very start to the present day and beyond.

It can be very helpful to consider how your customer has become a potential customer in the first place.

For most organisations, the aim is to retain your customers and to develop them into advocates or even partners for you.

The Ladder of Loyalty



Why do we need to document it?
It is very easy to miss key stages in the customer journey unless you attempt to ‘map’ or document it. Typically, organisations that map the journey discover that they are missing a key stage or doing too much at one point. In both scenarios the organisation risks losing that customer.

“Overall, unless we truly understand something it is very hard to change it.”
With apologies to Kurt Lewin


What is the service that Bax Interaction offers?
We provide a workshop for up to 10 personnel from your organisation to attend. During this, we provide the theory behind the process and then a practical workshop session. During this session we will typically focus on one or two customer segments and work through one stage of the journey with the whole group. We then separate the group into pairs or threes to work on other stages that are most relevant for them. After this has been completed, we get the whole group to review each stage and discuss, add, delete or amend the content.

We capture the amended versions on camera and take them away to place them into PowerPoint format. We place the content into a grid which can then be shared with a wider audience within the organisation.

We can provide follow up facilitation sessions to continue the process within the organisation, where more support is needed.

We are also able to help with customer journey validation research following internal testing and agreement.

What happens in the workshop?
Once we have explained the theory we move on to a ten step process for mapping the customer journey:

1. Discussing and agreeing what the customer profile is. What do the customers that we are trying to map the journey for ‘look’ like? What sector are they in; what do they do; where are they; how do they tend to behave; how do they vary; is the journey different for each customer type; why do they need what your organisation offers and so on?

2.  Identify what the key stages of interaction are. This will differ by market but will typically include: Discovery – finding your organisation; Research – looking at what options exist; Purchase; Delivery – the whole experience here and the ongoing relationship. As mentioned above, there can also be the stages before ‘discovery’ and in some markets customers leave for a period and then return.

It is most important to try to identify what the ‘moments of truth’ are. What are the critical points in the journey where your organisation needs to be most proactive in its marketing activities?

3. Identify what information to map. This will include: what the customer is trying to do at each stage; what the customer needs to know; what interaction takes place; where are the moments of truth; what is the customer ‘feeling’; who delivers the customer requirements; what the gaps or weaknesses are; timing – when does this point happen and how long does it typically last; what level of influence does the organisation have; what improvements could be made? These things are considered for each and every identified stage

4. Create a customer journey ‘grid’. A grid with the stages and information to map is created to enable it to be completed

5. Work through column by column. Each stage is considered with the information to map documented by sub groups

6. Discuss and agree finished map. Each stage is reviewed by the whole group and adjusted as needed following wider discussion. Some stages may be combined at this step and others may be discovered

7. Test with others internally.  Once the grid has been completed it can be shared with a wider internal audience for comment and agreement

8. Conduct customer research to validate. Once the stages in the journey have been agreed from an internal perspective, the organisation needs to validate them with external marketing research

9. Build the final customer journey map. Changes needed following external research are applied here to create the final customer journey map

10. Take action to improve. Your organisation is now ready to make justified changes to its marketing strategy

Who should attend customer journey workshops?
Any person within your organisation that is involved in interactions with customers should be encouraged to attend. They are especially relevant for decision makers on strategy, marketing, operations, service, sales, product development, finance and HR.

Previous workshops have been attended by: directors; senior managers; marketers; customer service personnel; sales personnel; production personnel; finance personnel; HR managers and others

How long do the workshops take to deliver?
Each workshop typically lasts for one day. This gives sufficient time to discover the customer journey for one or two segments. This is however only the beginning of discovery and action for the organisation.

Who delivers the workshops?
The workshops are delivered by Steve Bax from Bax Interaction. Steve is a highly experienced strategic marketer, marketing research practitioner, analyst, trainer, lecturer, author, strategist and coach.

What will the workshops cost?
We tend to tailor each workshop to suit an organisation’s specific needs but a one day workshop including preparation and follow up is very reasonably priced and highly cost effective for any organisation.

What will the benefits be?

  • Better understanding of your customers’ experiences
  • Enabling you to better match customer needs through effective, timely and relevant marketing activity
  • Improved customer acquisition rates – better lead conversion and increased upselling and cross-selling rates
  • Increased customer retention and loyalty improving Customer Lifetime Values
  • Improved customer and employee engagement
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Increased Word Of Mouth recommendations
  • Improved return on marketing investment (ROMI)


“Focus on the interactions that are important to customers—and on the way frontline employees handle those interactions.”

February 2006 | Marc Beaujean, Jonathan Davidson, and Stacey Madge


To find out more about how a ‘Discovery’ workshop could directly benefit your organisation, contact us now.


What Clients Say

“Juddmonte Farms used Bax Interaction to explain how to map our clients’ customer journey.  The workshop was interesting, fun and delivered good results.  Steve was particularly patient with a group of people who had never done this type of exercise before and he quickly grasped some of the terminology of our industry which ensured he could guide us with authority.

Wendy Johnson Houghton
Head of Marketing
Juddmonte Farms

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