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“We operate in a niche industry so obtaining relevant research of value is a challenge.  Steve’s research delivered tailored insight and recommendations, enabling us to focus our resources in areas where they produce maximum return for our efforts.”

James Gilbert, Managing Director, Pixel Power Limited

Prism Corporate Broking

"This piece of work gave us an objective insight into the drivers behind past decisions and future intentions, as well as more quantifiable data relating to small and medium sized transactions in this specific sector (data which typically are not in the public domain).

We subsequently produced a report based on Steve's research which has been very well received in the sector and also works as a tangible demonstration of our specialism in the ICT sector."

Robert Fiske, Director of Corporate Finance

Product/Sector: Prism Corporate Broking offers extensive advice and support to people across the UK wishing to buy or sell businesses. It operates across a range of sectors and has a particular specialism in the ICT sector.

Activity: Telephone depth interviews using a structured, agreed and piloted questionnaire with CEO’s, MD’s, FD’s and Directors within the ICT sector.

Issue/Brief:The research needed to provide the following: -

Knowledge and insight into current M&A activity in the sector

A report which could be used as collateral e.g. for PR, on the website, printed and distributed to existing and potential clients as well as referrers

Reasons for contacting prospective clients – both in messaging and in identifying potential target areas

An objective insight into attitudes towards succession and growth, the basis for valuations and the thinking underlying sales and acquisitions

Idea/Approach: Quantitative and qualitative data was sought and gained from a representative sample of ICT companies within certain size criteria.

Company sizes involved in the survey ranged from less than £1m turnover to over £10m.

Results/Outcome:The representative sample of interviews secured, the quality of respondents, range of activities and sectors covered and the sizes of the organisations’ represented enabled the desired outcome to be delivered. The research resulted in a 12 page detailed sector report being published by Prism Corporate Broking.

Findings in the areas of succession planning, potential sale factors, previous sale and acquisition experiences, future acquisition plans, segments with predicted growth potential, views on industry changes and the current economic climate provided the basis for this informative and detailed report.

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