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“We operate in a niche industry so obtaining relevant research of value is a challenge.  Steve’s research delivered tailored insight and recommendations, enabling us to focus our resources in areas where they produce maximum return for our efforts.”

James Gilbert, Managing Director, Pixel Power Limited

Cambridge Marketing College - One of the largest marketing study centres in Europe

" The insight Steve helped us gain was very useful in building a new Chartered Marketer programme. The high number of responses was invaluable in giving us reliable data on a host of new areas. We would have no hesitation in recommending Bax Interaction as a research partner. "

Charles Nixon, Managing Director - Cambridge Marketing Colleges

Product/Sector: One of the largest Marketing Study Centres in Europe

Activity: An online survey conducted in conjunction with SNAP Surveys targeting current delegates, diplomates and alumni.

Background: To use the survey findings to hone existing and/ or develop new offerings, course timings, means of delivery to meet the College's business objectives and retain its leading market position. To use its sizeable bases of professional marketers to produce a lifestyle type report for the benefit of delegates and alumni and the College from a promotional positioning perspective

Idea/Approach: An online survey method was chosen for ease of completion and analysis. SNAP Surveys agreed to undertake the building of the survey and its distribution at no cost to the College. A questionnaire was created and piloted within the College and with previous delegates.

Results/Outcome: A full report was created and recommendations made on the insight gained. These included reviewing session delivery times, providing additional learning materials, opportunities for more delivery through smart devices, opportunities for more business related training programmes, repositioning the post graduate programme and using the findings for PR and promotional purposes.

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